Junk Bag

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Sale Price: $2.50

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Our Junk Bag is a selection of discounted bits chosen at random. (a small bits baggie, not the tote bag in the picture) These are parts that were rejected for things like mold slippage, minor air bubbles, or the color didn't come out right. For whatever the reason they didn't make the grade in our quality check, but with a bit of work and some greenstuff they can still be a great source of conversion fodder so you can fearlessly chop up parts and experiment without needing to spend a lot on bits. 

While most of the defects are minor and can be corrected there's no promise on the quality of the parts. They are chosen at random so you never know what you'll get, although we do try to make sure to include a mix of parts for variety. You'll get at least 10 parts and possibly more, if they were sold at full price you'd be getting between $20-$30 worth of parts so it's a pretty deep discount in exchange for a bit of extra modeling work.

Take a stab at it, you never know what you're going to get.