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Welcome to Red Dog Minis

Red Dog Minis produces a range of specialty resin conversion parts for your favorite wargaming models. We love to build and modify models and appreciate all the hard work people put into their hobby efforts. It's our goal to create new parts and options that allow hobbyist to create a more personalized look for their miniatures. 

Currently we offer a variety of parts intended to work with near future and sci-fi themed models. Our products are designed digitally and produced in a high quality resin which is easy to work with, retains excellent detail, and is durable enough to be used on the game table. We strive to deliver the best hobby products possible. 

  • High Quality Resin - With excellent working properties, can be cut, drilled, filed and sanded with ease 

  • Bubble Free - We use a two stage process to help eliminate bubbles from our castings
  • Excellent Details - Parts have crisp details, very few mold lines, and virtually no flash
  • Unlimited Possibilities - A great resource for kitbashing, you are only limited by your imagination
  • Hobby Expertise - We are always willing to discuss techniques, share our insight and experience with other hobbyists. Have questions about working with plastic or resin models? Feel free to contact us here or on Facebook and we'll do our best to help you out. Also check out our Hobby FAQ page
  • Most importantly, as fellow hobbyists and gamers we want everyone to have fun!






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