Pack Mounted Heavy Laser (set)

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A set of two rear mounted packs and heavy lasers that are magnet ready.

The articulated joint for the weapon mount allows for it to fixed with up to a 90 degree arc from facing straight forwards to straight up. The weapon mounts and railguns include a magnet hole so you can remove them for storage to swap with other weapon options.  

The packs can be glued in place or they can be mounted on a set of magnets. 

A total of 6 parts and includes a set of 3x2mm and 5x2mm magnets. 


These parts are made from resin and are supplied unpainted and unassembled, color may vary from the pictures. 

You will need to use Super Glue aka CA glue (such as Krazy Glue brand) to attach these parts, standard model glue like GW or Testors brands will not work with resin product.


Games Workshop Tau Crisis Suit is not included and is only shown to illustrate the scale & size of the part. This item is not a toy and is not intended for children under the age of 12.

Some minor clean up and flash removal may be needed. It is suggested that you wash resin parts in soapy water with a mild dishsoap to remove any left over release agents and oils prior to painting. Any white residue is left over alcohol vapor from the cleaning process, it can be removed with water and an old toothbrush. Towel dry after cleaning and do not leave the parts sitting in water as it may damage them. 

Excessive heat may damage resin products. Do not leave resin parts in hot areas (such as a car) or in direct sunlight as it may damage the model or cause the parts to warp. Warped resin items can usually be straightened by soaking the part in a cup of hot water (not boiling) until it becomes soft, then carefully bending the part back into proper shape then allowed to cool. 





Example of how I magnetized the packs:


I used a 3x2mm magnet, drilled out the small hole where the jet packs pin goes into. With just a single magnet these get a little bit wobbly with the railgun or fat pack missiles but they still hold well. For the best performance stack two of the magnets together before gluing them inside the hole as that increases the grip power significantly.