Micro Armor - Talon   - Multi Laser

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Micro Armor Scale Talon - 1 copy 


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This item is a single part 3D printed resin model as pictured. Includes a plastic hex base. You will need to use Super Glue (Krazy Glue, or Gorilla Glue brands suggested) or CA glue to attach the model to it's base.

Some minor clean up may be required to remove nubs left over from the printing supports.


Any white residue left over from printing can be removed with water and a gentle scrubbing with toothbrush. It is suggested that you wash the model with warm water and dishsoap prior to painting. Towel dry after cleaning, do not leave soaking in water for an extended period as it may damage the resin.


Do not leave in hot areas, or in direct sunlight as it can cause the resin to warp or split. 

This item is not a toy and is not intended for children under the age of 12.
(CGL Battlemech not included shown only for scale)